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My name is Everett Smith and I am a self taught engraver with over twenty years of experince. Over the years I have learned to engrave in many styles. I started engraving and scrimshanding as a hobby, but as time passed and my experience widened, I started doing engraving jobs for others. It has grown into the business it is today. My motto is: "Why shoot a plain gun, When you can shoot a work of art."

Go to my Gallery for samples of my work. Get in touch with me for an cost estimate of your engraving needs. I will need to know: Type of item needing engraved, Material, Size, Style, Coverage percent desired and any other pertinent information that might be helpful.

You will find, my work and turn-around time, excellent and my prices affordable. I keep on hand Items made by "Ted Cash" (cappers, tinder boxes, etc). These items,engraved and personalized, make excellent gifts for the shooter or buckskinner on your list. I also carve and engrave (scrimshaw) custom powder horns.

Contact Information:

You can write me at my E-MAIL Address: my picture
or by snail mail at:

Smitty's Engraving
21320 Pioneer Circle
Harrah, OK 73045
United States of America

Telephone: (405) 454-6968

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